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Chain Link Double Finger Heavy Solid Silver Ring

Chain Link Double Finger Heavy Solid Silver Ring | Sjür Jewelry


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This very cool double finger ring draws direct inspiration from chains used on ships and cargo transport. It is solid, made with Sterling Silver (925), offering a nice and heavy feel. Made from 5 mm thick silver bolt/wire, this very unique piece offers a distinct touch to your special outfits, worn on the most important occasions. 

It is oxidized on the sides and finely brushed on the outside, offering great contrast and an interesting look. One end of the link is wider than the other. Therefore, you can wear it like in the pictures: on the ring- and little finger, on the middle and ring finger or however you like. 

  • Height: 29.5 mm
  • Width:  46.2 mm
  • Thickness: 4.5 and 5.0 mm Weight: 23.8 grams
  • Material: Sterling Silver (925)
  • Standard Sizing: 

US Size: Wide side; 7 (middle or ring finger) Narrow side; 5 3/4 (ring or little finger)

EU Size: Wide side; 54,5+ (middle or ring finger) Narrow side; 51,5 (ring or little finger)

Customization/Special Order This ring can be ordered in any size that you want. You can also adjust or change pretty much anything in the design.

Size Chart: Please specify sizes in the order notes or contact us to discuss the details. In any case, we will confirm all details with you before proceeding.

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