This is a Passion Project!

We started this project on instinct, seeing that designers spend too much time on the web, social media and trying to master SEO: often at the expense of their tradecraft. Our collective marketplace concept offers them a platform where they only need to upload photos and text and we do the rest. We charge our members a nominal fee and 5% commission on each sale, covering our operating and marketing expenses.

We built the website ourselves and invested a lot of time to build up our Instagram following. 

Mr. and Mrs. Grover - Founders of Norwegian Jewelry - A Marketplace for artisan jewelry designers and goldsmiths from Norway.

Mr & Mrs. Grover - Founders of Norwegian.Jewelry. 

Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are not for every artisan. Those marketplaces are extremely large and overwhelming, requiring some skills to set up and successfully operate. We curate our membership, inviting those who offer interesting designs, remain true to handmade and time-honored methods, received recognition at home and abroad. 

Hence, our customers can be assured that everything is truly handmade in Norway to the highest standard by individuals committed to tradition. 

Our wedding rings are bespoke, made by in Oslo, Norway.

Our bespoke wedding rings, made in Norway (  

We are passionate about fine jewelry, commissioning many of our own works. We challenge the goldsmiths while giving them the creative freedom to make something exclusive and unique.  We truly value the handicraft aspects and want to do our part to preserve the trade against the onslaught of branded and manufactured jewelry. Moreover, we believe that the world should see Norway as a source for fine jewelry, influenced by the northern climate and varied terrain.  

Currently, we advertise in two well-known mediums that reach English speakers, interested in Norway: 

Norway Today

Sons of Norway Viking Magazine 

We believe that with the proper funding, we can achieve the critical mass to become the one-stop shop for Norwegian jewelry, made by recognized artisan designers and goldsmiths. Any help would be appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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Payments will be made to Restack AS (Org nr.  919 382 4149/Norway) 

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