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Anchor Pendant

Anchor Pendant | Norwegian Design by Sjür Jewelry in Tromsø, Norway


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This Anchor pendant comes with a chain, both made with 925 Sterling silver. A chain link holds the stamp-plaque, adding to the visual effect.

It is heavy, solid and insanely cool on, textured with an old used and worn feeling to it. Like all Sjür Jewelry items, this is made in a music-filled environment that fuels creativity. Sjur Hassel believes that music is a huge part of life. And if you are the bearer of something that is made in a good vibration it will propel you further. 


Height: 4 4mm
Width: 29 mm
Thickness: 2mm

Chain wire thickness: 1mm
Chain shape hight (outside) : 6-7 mm
Chain shape width (outside) : 4-5 mm

Pendant weight: 29.7 grams - 925 Sterling silver

IMPORTANT: This chain is 65 cm long. Please specify if you would like to have it longer or shorter. 

This is a bespoke, made to order jewelry item. It can be customized and made according to your specifications. 

Photos by Black Snail Prints 

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