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Hamatum Cuculus

Hamatum Cuculus | Norwegian Jewelry by Undlien Design


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Cufflinks. Sterling silver and vintage copper coin, Norwegian 2 øre. Slightly domed front and back, shiny polished finish. Can be customized to most vintages between 1958 and 1972. Nostalgia meets modern attitude in this timeless and refined design. Slightly domed front and back, intense polished finish. 

The copper coin is ensconced in a durable varnish to maintain color and prevent tarnish.  The perfect gift to commemorate an anniversary or a year of birth.

Hamatum is one of eight small carpal bones of the hand and refers to the proximity to the cuff. Cuculus is the Latin word for a cuckoo. The bird on the coin is a Norwegian Capercaillie.


Diameter 2.35 cm (0.93 in) 
Length 2.4 cm (0.94 in) with folded link.

This designer sends by FedEx only to locations outside Norway. Therefore please select FedEx as a shipping option. Free FedEx on orders over $600.00



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