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Brugdebenk (Jewelry Box)

Brugdebenk (Jewelry Box) by Ivar Brendemo | Norwegian Jewelry


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This is a copy of a bench that used to be in Heddal stave church in the past. It was made in the 13th century. After repeated attempts to get the original bench, which is at a museum in Oslo back to Heddal without success, Halvor Sem took the initiative to
make a copy of the original bench. So with help from this was done, and Arne Garnes then made a miniature copy in wood, which Ivar Brendemo later cast in brass.

By buying a bench you also get a letter which belongs to the bench that is in Heddal stave church. The bench messure 16cm. Under the lid on the bench you can store small things as your jewelery, keys or other things.

Weight: 864 gr.
Material: Brass
Length is 16 cm 


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