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Female Cross Pendant

Female Cross Pendant | Norwegian Design by Sjür Jewelry in Tromsø


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This is a spinner pendant shaped like the female symbol in 925 Sterling silver. It is oxidized, then polished or sanded off on certain parts to pop out the details. Sjur filed out a grip in the "holding"-bolt, for better grip when fiddling/spinning. And of course, because it looks nice. This spinner pendant has a great machine part look to it and is quite the interesting compliment to your outfit.

Sjur Hassel: "Like all my items, this is made in an environment fueled by music that fuels me. I am a distinct believer in that music is a huge part of life. And if you are the bearer of something that is made in a good vibration it will propel you further. All my metal contains that belief." 

It comes with a black, green or brown cotton wax thread. Please specify the length you would like it to be..:)  

  • Height of pendant: 50mm
  • Width of pendant: 24mm
  • Thickness of silver thread/bolt: 2,5 and 4,0mm
  • Thickness of ring: 2,0mm Width of ring: 5,0mm
  • Weight: 7,2 grams Sterling silver 925/1000
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