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Designers and Goldsmiths

Sjür Jewelry

Sjur Hassel extracts and stylizes shapes from manmade objects, possessing an attraction to the eye: assembled in a process that strives for nature's approval.

Vido Jewels - Vlad Kladko - Norwegian Jewellery

Vido Jewels

Goldsmith and jewelry designer Vlad Kladko challenges tradition, creating jewelry with sculptural qualities, offering unusually high attention to detail.

Hanne Undlien - Undlien design - Norwegian Jewelry

Undlien Design

Undlien design strives for perfection: A good piece of jewelry is characterized by its beauty and functionality. It should be comfortable to wear. Then it will last for generations.

Ina Gravem Johansen - Norwegian Handmade Jewellery

IGJ Design

Design is about processing inspiration, breaking up natural forms and reassembling them in different ways, stylizing the expression.

Linn Sigrid Bratland is a silversmith and jewelry designer from Telemark Norway, focused on the local nature and folklore.

Linn Sigrid Bratland

The celebrated silversmith from the highlands of Telemark freely interprets traditional folklore into inspired forms.

Monica Bakka - Norwegian Jewelry Designer


Goldsmith and designer Monica Bakka shapes jewelry, defined by robust and clean lines, offering a simultaneous feminine expression.

Hilde Nødtvedt - Norwegian Filigree jewelry designer.

Hilde Nødtvedt

Master Craftsman Hilde Nødtvedt specializes in traditional handmade filigree jewelry. Made from silver, the gift lasts for generations.

Marie Ridderhus - Norwegian Handmade Jewelry


Silversmith Marie Ridderhus creates inspired pieces, emphasizing quality, durability and aesthetics: suitable for everyday use or special occasions.

Expo Arte by Anne Mette Høisæther features fine and bespoke Norwegian handmade jewellery.

Expo Arte

Anne-Mette Høisæther, a renowned Oslo jeweler and master goldsmith, is best known for combining gold with brilliant and colorful ceramic enamel.

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