Linn Sigrid Bratland

Linn Sigrid Bratland

  • Storegutvegen 99, 3895 Edland, Norway

Designing jewelry for almost 20 years, Linn Sigrid freely interprets Telemark’s traditional folklore and folk-art into timeless designs and inspired forms. She belongs to one of the nation’s most prolific regions in terms of history and nature. Characterized by rugged landscapes, including snow-covered mountains and rocky plains, Telemark borders the Southern Norwegian coast. The isolation and inhospitable wilderness drive an independent yet creative spirit among the inhabitants. Telemark is also known as the birthplace of Henrik Ibsen, one of the world’s most renowned playwrights, and for sending numerous immigrants to Minnesota in the late 1800’s.

Her academic education combines a bachelor’s degree in folklore and folk-art studies with a master’s degree in traditional art, specializing in metalworking. Before starting her own business, she apprenticed as an assistant goldsmith in Kristiansand. During those early years, colorful enamels lured her while developing an affinity for silver. Driven by local legends, traditions, and mythology, she experimented with those and other materials. Nonetheless, she also finds solace in more traditional designations as well, creating silver items for the church.

Her workshop, located between the high mountains in a former factory (Edland Industry), inspires traditional working methods. Using the same forging techniques as the ancient craftsmen did for making nails and other metallic goods, she creates minimalistic designs free of dominant edges and stripped of pretentious décor. The results are pieces that are poetic and yet deliberate: easy to wear for everyday use.  Today you can find her jewelry not only throughout Norway but also in Minneapolis and Milan.

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