Vido Jewels

Vlad Kladko

  • Briskebyveien 30, Oslo, Norway

Originally from Ukraine, Vlad Kladko started working with jewelry in 2013 – after graduating with a Master of Traditional Arts from the University College of Southeast Norway, Telemark. Before that, he received a Bachelor of Arts and Specialist Degree from the Kyiv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Art and Design in 2010 and 2011. Hence, the rigorous Ukranian education from urban Kyiv, combined with lessons and mentorship from Telemark’s open but rugged terrain offers jewelry enthusiasts an inspiration and point of view that is very special and truly unique.

In 2013, he founded Vido Jewels, located in Oslo, creating jewelry under his own brand. Vlad challenges yet respects well-established convention, focusing on new ways to work with traditional jewelry and materials. That results in collections with sculptural qualities, offering high attention to detail. Combing raw materials with rough-cut gemstones (rubies, aquamarines, and emeralds), each piece becomes a “one of a kind” expression. Hence, the “Connections and Shapes” collection takes inspiration from natural forms, fusing it with minimalistic and Avante-Garde influences. The collections articulate nature’s inner world, often perceived as both beautiful and intimidating at the same time.

Awards and Recognition: 

- Winner of the NAJD competition 2017, Little Wolf.
- Artistar international jewelry exhibition, Milan 2018.
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