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Digitizing the Jewelry Sector

In recent years, boutique jewelers experienced declining walk-in sales while overall jewelry sales continue to grow at 5 to 6 percent per year. So the question is, "what’s happening?" 

Jewelry Industry Sales Trends by McKinsey and Company

The answer is that the market changed: More and more we are seeing that consumers want to associate with reputable brands. There are three types of consumers, driving branded jewelry demand:

  • New money” consumers who wear branded jewelry to show off their newly acquired wealth (in contrast to “old money” consumers, who prefer heirlooms or estate jewelry),
  • Emerging-market consumers, for whom established brands inspire trust and the sense of an upgraded lifestyle—a purchasing factor quoted by 80 percent of our interviewees,
  • Young consumers who turn to brands as a means of self-expression and self-realization.

Therefore the trend toward branded jewelry will be especially hard on small artisans, who don’t have the marketing muscle of the large jewelry groups. 

One option for smaller players would be to seek distribution through ventures like Cadenzza, Swarovski’s chain of curated multibrand jewelry stores featuring well-known luxury brands as well as up-and-coming designers. 


Services Overview

Norwegian.Jewelry, operating an online directory concept, consolidates Norway's leading artisan jewelers, increasing their collective exposure to retail consumers commercial buyers. Additionally, we offer digital services to artisan designers and goldsmiths, helping them promote their brand, reaching the digitally oriented consumer.

We specialize in directory solutions, e-commerce, social media, social-commerce, photography, video, and graphic design, aimed at the jewelry industry. Working with partners throughout Europe, we can find a solution that fits most budgets.

Graphic Design 

The image of your product is as or even more valuable than the jewelry piece itself. The first impression will be made over a phone or a laptop, deciding everything thereafter. We offer Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop services, starting at $50/hr (excl. VAT). We also have partners, offering logo design, video, and photography services.

Jewelry Photography

Through our partnership with Christian Sennesvik, we offer product, model and Instagram photos for jewelers. Using the latest equipment and software, Christian produces high-quality photos. Starting out in model photography, traveling throughout Europe, he is versatile and creative, combining product, background, and models to make impactful and memorable photos. Please contact us for pricing and terms. 

Jewelry photography services in Norway by Norwegian Jewellery and Christian Sennesvik

Creative Writing 

Online consumers, depending on the product description either make an impulse buy or become impatient and shop elsewhere. We can write meaningful and concise texts, informing your customers about your products, helping them make an informed decision right away.

WordPress Websites

For those starting their digital journey, requiring only an online presence, WordPress is the most cost-effective solution to get an online presence. Our specialty is designing for efficiency, focusing on the customer experience. We design sites that are intuitive and within conventional and industry norms, making it easy for the consumer to find what they seek. WordPress can also do e-commerce but we advise Shopify (see below). In addition to a basic website, we can advise you on how to get found: search engine placements (SEO), link exchanges, influencers etc.

Shopify & Instagram Commerce

Shopify is perhaps the best and easiest way to sell online. Instagram is the second largest social network after Facebook. They teamed up, enabling shoppable images.  That makes it even easier to capture impulse buys whether the customer is on a mobile phone, passing time in the metro, or on a PC at the office.

🡆 We partnered with an officially recognized Shopify expert, ensuring that your store is both stunning and successful. If you already have a logo, graphics, item descriptions, and product information, it costs a lot less than you think.


Shopify and Instagram offer a seamless social commerce solution.


Instagram & Pinterest Management

Jewelry designers are skillful at producing stunning and high-quality pieces. Such work requires the utmost focus and attention to detail.  Instagram and Pinterest are the fastest growing social networks, popular with fashion enthusiasts. Mastering these mediums are the most cost-effective way to build brand awareness when compared to traditional media and new media: print media, Google ads, etc.  However, social marketing can often become a distraction, breaking concentration and hindering productivity. Allow us to manage your social media accounts, targeting growth and engaging with others in markets with likely buyers.

Join Our Marketplace

If you are a reputable Norwegian jewelry designer or goldsmith, interested in joining the directory or an organization interested in a similar concept, please contact us.


Putting It All Together

Not only do we offer the above-mentioned services but also the thought leadership to develop a strategy for a given budget, broken down into specific tasks, which will help you reach your sales goals. Building an online store is far cheaper than opening a brick and mortar one. However, the time required and the commitment are no less, often requiring the jewelry designer to venture into unknown territory.

The side-by-side process: our digital consultant working closely with the jewelry designer, making sure that every detail is correct. We explain the process and intermediate steps in understandable terms, ensuring a successful delivery. Once the sites and social networks are completed and aligned, sales can begin.  However, the conversion is a long process, starting with brand awareness, building a following, and interacting with peers. After you establish trust with the consumer, consistent sales start to take place.

Next Steps…

If you would like to digitally transform your jewelry business, showing your products to a new worldwide audience 24/7, please schedule a free one-hour consultation by contacting us. Briefly describe what you do and hope to achieve.


Our Portfolio

We have done the following work for jewelry related clients: 

Shopify Website

Undlien design 

Graphic Design 

Hilde Nødtvedt

Linn Sigrid Bratland


Creative Writing

Undlien design 


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