Marie Ridderhus

  • 3864 Rauland, Norway

Marie Ridderhus creates contemporary jewelry, inspired by the breathtaking scenery and mysticism, characteristic of Western Norway’s Telemark region. She tells conveys the legends, tales, and folklore dating back hundreds of years, in her work. Remaining true to the traditional methods and handicraft, her hallmarks are quality and superb design.

Originally from Ringerike in Buskerud, Marie always had an innate sense of creative processes within arts and crafts since her primary school days at Rudolf Steinskolen. She moved to Rauland starting her career as a jewelry designer and silversmith. The village, located in the mountains of Norway’s rugged Telemark regions, is a well-known hub for traditional Norwegian crafts.

The Raven Rings by Marie Ridderhus - Norwegian Jewelry Designer

“Raven” Rings in gold-plated 925 sterling silver. Photo: Marie Ridderhus

She founded Ridderhus in 2013,  an apprenticeship (bachelor degree in 2014, worked as an apprentice for Linn Sigrid Bratland 2013-2016) and studying Traditional Art, emphasizing metalworking, at the University of Telemark. Her Bachelor’s degree also covers education and business.  There is a tradeoff to living in a remote village:

“It has both advantages and disadvantages, establishing one’s self in a small place like this. The benefits are no doubt that you do not get distracted by all the impulses from the city and you can work purposefully. You may be better able to stick to your form of expression when slightly removed from the latest fashion impulses. You get to know your colleagues on a more personal level. ”

The downside is that one is further from trade shows and industry events that are worth participating. You are often on your own and may not be “sharpened by competitors.” It’s not as easy to make new acquaintances.”

Nevertheless, from her small workshop, she passionately produces jewelry in the silversmith tradition.

“I simply make jewelry that I would like to use myself and let quality, durability, and aesthetics go hand in hand. Being able to use the jewelry everyday as well as at a party is something that I emphasize when I develop my collections.” They have to have a clean and stylized expression, making them dependable in everyday life as well as elegant in the company of others.”


2013 & 2015 “Husflidtevlinga” Dyrsku`n, Seljord

2015 Bachelor exhibition, “Fashion Fesjå” Telemark University College of Rauland

2015 “Oslo Trend Jewelry Show”, Norwegian Association of Jewelry Designers (NAJD)

2016 “Crown of the Work” Hallingdal Museum, Nesbyen

2016 Jubilee Exhibition (Ål Art Association – 40 years),  Ål, Norway

2017 “Contemporary Norwegian Jewelry Design”, Norwegian Association of Jewelry Designers, National Parliament Building, Oslo


2015 Shared 3rd-place recruit silver, “Husflidtevlinga”, Dyrsku`n

2015 “Stimulation Prize” for very good work NOK 5,000, – Dyrsku`n

2017 Shared 2nd Place “NAJD Design Competition 2017”, Norwegian Association of Jewelry Designers

Professional Memberships 

Norwegian Association of Jewelry Designers (NAJD)

The Norwegian Goldsmith Association (Norges Gullsmedforbund)

Norwegian Made

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