Our Story

My wife and I developed this concept, catering to Norway's artisan jewelry designers and goldsmiths, dedicated to time-honored methods. Our goal is to offer the consumer a diversified selection from all parts of Norway. 


Norwegian.Jewelry (Norwegian Jewelry) is a marketplace for Norwegian artisan jewelers. Our aim is to represent jewelry designers and goldsmiths throughout the country, bringing to light those preserving traditional methods and handmade production. 

Norway is an elongated country with one of the longest and most rugged coastlines in the world. It has around 50,000 islands off the extremely indented coastline. Moreover, the metalworking tradition dates even further back than the Vikings (780-1050 AD) to the Bronze Age (1700 - 500 BC).  

Hence, within a seemingly small country, there exist vast differences in terrain, geography, history, and culture. That mixed with individual life experiences, of each designer, leads to a diversity of inspiration and thought processes, resulting in a wide variety of jewelry designs, not seen anywhere else in the world.


Mr. and Mrs. Grover, while living in Oslo, started the project in 2017, identifying the need for a collective marketing effort on the behalf of boutique jewelry designers.

Jewelry designers, staying true to traditional methods, find it difficult to simultaneously make jewelry and market themselves online. Although different, both are professions within themselves, requiring years to master. Inevitably, one comes at the expense of the other when trying to do both.

Jewelry designers and goldsmiths generally take academic courses for three to five years, apprentice for several years thereafter. They not only must learn the personality and behavior of metals and stones but also different tools, processes, and methods. Moreover, the jewelry related professions require the utmost attention to detail. 

Outsourcing the digital part to agencies comes with mixed outcomes, often resulting in projects that are over-budget and ineffective. It is one thing to build a website and online store but quite another to market it. Moreover, Social Media takes consistent effort and incredible skills to breakthrough, reaching and holding the attention of potential customers. 

Combining their digital marketing efforts under the Norwegian.Jewelry umbrella, Artisan jewelry designers, and goldsmiths can reach the world while being able to focus all of their energy on making memorable jewelry.


In Norse mythology, the Gaupe (Eurasian Lynx) was Freya's companion. The warrior goddess, wife of Odin, valued their natural gifts: vision and foresight. Under her command, the Gaupe led her chariots into battle and subsequent victory.

Freya and Gaupe riding into battle and subsequent victory - Motif for Norwegian Jewellery

Freya and the Gaupe (Courtesy of Ancient Pages)

The Gaupe – sturdy, determined, and yet elegant – best symbolizes the unique character of our members.  We help them see over the horizon, increasing their reach and expressing Norwegian culture through jewelry.  The Gaupe is an endangered species, numbering only a few hundred in Norway. We hope to build awareness, helping preservation causes.

Company Information

We operate under:

  • Restack AS (Org nr. 919 382 4149), located in Oslo, Norway,
  • Cortez Media Services LLC in Delaware, USA.  


The world is always in need of new designs, ideas and stories. Norway's unique environment and culture drives interesting designs and concepts, unseen anywhere else. If you are an artisan Norwegian jewelry designer or Goldsmith, interested in joining our directory and marketplace, please contact us for more information.