Brendemo Gull & Sølv

Linda, Ivar & Camilla Brendemo

  • Nordre Vestsidaveg 585, 3677 Notodden, Norway

Ivar Brendemo, working with this two daughters, Linda and Camilla, specialize in traditional Norwegian jewelry since 1995. They not only they not only fabricate and restore filigree pieces, worn on the traditional Norwegian bunad, but also adapt the traditional designs for everyday use. 

Born in 1953 in Heddal (Telemark) Norway as the youngest of two brothers, he was a happy kid, interested in technical things. His father was a carpenter who also made violins and clocks and his mother was a housewife who also painted. From a young age, Ivar joined his mother, helping paint the fiddles made by his father. Coming from Norway's Telemark region, there is a strong adherence to tradition and the wearing of the bunad (national dress) on all special occasions. Hence, the designs and local patterns made an impression from an early age.

He studied the building trades in Notodden from 1970-1971 and later worked with building machines like excavators and tractors and drove cargo vans. During that time, he met Gunnhild, married, and had two daughters and later three grandchildren. 

In 1993, he fell ill and had to consider a career change. Looking to answer is creative urges, he enrolled in the Strømmen Vidergående Skole (Trade School), studying Jewelry design under the Goldsmith Association: two nights per week for six months. From 1994 to 1998, he apprenticed under Arnt Darrud, a renowned Norwegian jewelry designer and artist.

Ivar opened his own business in 1995 where he works with his two daughters until this day. Their studio is a small cabin only 20 minutes from Notodden. Taking inspiration from the local area, they focus on traditional bunad jewelry. The Brendemo's are especially well-known for their ability to repair old and antique items. Famous clients include Knut Buen, a well-known Norwegian violinist.

Ivar Brendemo restored a traditional brooch that was over 300 years old.

Ivar Brendemo restored a traditional brooch that was over 300 years old!

Yet they are innovative, using a 3D printer and engraving machine to supplement classic techniques. They personalize items such as dinnerware and jewelry. Hence, they do not limit themselves to purely traditional jewelry but instead adapt the designs to everyday use as earrings, rings, and necklaces.

The Marius Pattern is a registered trademark. Brendemo Gull og Sølv (Norwegian Jewelry designer) has a license to make jewelry based on this pattern.

The Marius Pattern (registered trademark), designed in 1953 is the most knitted pattern in Norway. Today, it's considered a Norwegian icon, symbolizing the Norwegians' love of nature and passion for the outdoors. You can read more about the Marius pattern at

In 2016, Brendemo Gull og Sølv (Gold & Silver) gained exclusive rights to feature the Marius pattern on jewelry. This iconic pattern, primarily featured on sweaters, is known throughout the world and symbolic of Norwegian design. They work very closely with Vigdis Yran Dale, the creator of the design, ensuring the jewelry items adhere to the strict specifications, depicting the iconic pattern correctly.

Brendemo jewelry can be found at their store in Notodden, stores in the vicinity and online.


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