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Kjersti Rennan Dahl

  • Trondheim, Norway

Born in Inderøy (1972), Norway – a small town in Trøndelag (Middle-Norway), Kjersti Rennan Dahl grew up in a traditional Norwegian family. Inderøy is well known for the “Den gyldne omvei” (The Golden Detour), an area reputed for its artists, designers, restaurants and micro-breweries.  

Her father was a financial officer at a nearby bank where he worked 36 years and her mother was a homemaker, later taking a job as an office worker. Kjersti and her friends spent a lot of time in the woods, building cabins, making flutes and observing the local flora and fauna. In the winters, the family went ice fishing and built structures from the snow. Although her parents worked in the traditional corporate roles, they had creative inclinations. Kjersti's mother was an avid knitter, starting Kjersti in the handicraft at age 6. From there, she took up drawing and sewing. By age 14, she was already painting pictures. Although her grandfather worked with his hands, sewing pictures and painted on wood, her father only realized his painting talents later in life, in his 40's.

Kredah Design - Moorish Rose on the workbench - Norwegian Jewelry
Making the Moorish Rose

However, jewelry would come much later after establishing herself in a professional career as a chemical engineer. In parallel with her creative interests, she took an early interest in chemistry when her older brother received a chemistry set for Christmas. Although it was for him, she ran all the experiments and pursued the subject in school. She was a natural and gained admission to Nord-Trøndelag University College in 1991. Graduating in 1995, she pursued a corporate career path, working as a Health and Safety Engineer today.  During that time, she started a family, married with two children and living in Trondheim.

In 2016, she decided to take her artistic interests towards jewelry design i, taking a course at Smykkeskolen in Oslo. She followed that up with private courses from the renowned Master Goldsmith Jørgen Juul in Stjørdal. She turned her garage into an atelier, developing her own style, mixing traditional and experimental techniques.  Her inspiration comes from history, Norse mythology and nature, themes that fascinated her since childhood. While in the woods, mountains or at the sea, she carries a sketch book to capture and initiate ideas, whether it be a sound, a smell.

She started with chainmail (in 2013), a classical technique, dating back to ancient times. After some time, she added her personal touch, creating her own designs, incorporating Swarovski crystals into traditional arrangements like Moorish roses and hearts. Later, taking inspiration from her childhood and her love of animals, she started to create animal themed jewelry by hand sawing shapes from metal sheets: moose, squirrels, and birds. She donates of the sales proceeds to animal shelters in Trondheim. You can find her jewelry at the galleries listed below as well as online.

Jewelry available at

Galleri Gaven

Galleri Munkholmen (open two month during the summer)

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