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Alexander Grover

Posted on August 06 2018

The Norwegian jewelry marketplace offers jewelers a new way to sell jewellery.

Over the summer, we extended our directory into a marketplace, shortening our name to Norwegian.Jewelry and streamlining our logo. The rebranding and pivot (change in business model), not only better serves our member jewelry designers but also the consumer. Bringing the designers together under one shopping concept, we aim to emulate the "downtown jewelry district's" brick and mortar approach.

From a single website, the consumer can learn about and purchase jewelry from different designers, mixing and matching to suit their tastes. Hence, the experience emulates shopping on New York's 47th Street.

New York's 47th Street Diamond and Jewelry District - Photo:

New York's 47th Street Jewelry District - Photo:

As the internet makes the world smaller and opportunities to experience different things more accessible, people have become more multi-faceted. With each new adventure, their corresponding taste in fashion and design widens. Individual consumers, no longer confined to a predetermined style, dress for the occasion. Within the same week, an individual can work at the office, go to a rock concert, attend the opera, relax on the beach, and ride a motorcycle. 

Jewelry not only compliments fashion but also acts as a form of protection, a memento or an idea. The strength of the statement depends on the individual.  Therefore, it is not only enough to know your customer but also their surroundings.

Consumers reach Norwegian.Jewelry via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the world wide web. Currently, they can pay by credit card or PayPal, but we hope to offer crypto-currency options in the future. We are readily available to answer questions and assist with orders, using Facebook Messenger (embedded on our website), Skype, or by email. We have negotiated advantageous shipping rates with FedEx, making Norwegian Jewelry accessible to the world.

For the jewelry designers, we understand their dilemma; when they are making jewelry, they cannot market. When they are marketing, they cannot make jewelry. It is one thing to have a brand and website and quite another to get discovered by and engage with consumers.

Based on these findings, we now offer a "No-Website" solution, allowing designers to move away from digital self-management, which is both costly and time-consuming, to our collective concept. If you are an artisan or boutique Norwegian jewelry designer, looking to devote more time to your trade, please check out our article, dedicated to the "No-Website Solution."


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