Selling Online Without a Website

Alexander Grover

Posted on August 20 2018

No Website Solution Cover Graphic by Norwegian Jewelry

Part III:  Our "No-Website" Solution - Working with others in your niche may be the most cost-efficient way to build your brand. 

Having studied marketing vs. tradecraft dilemma, experienced by artisan Norwegian jewelry designers and goldsmiths, we launched our "No-Website Solution," allowing jewelers to focus on their profession. Using our platform, they can get online, connect with their customers, and sell online. The designer only needs to provide us the visual and written content and we will do the rest. Regarding domain names, we can setup a sub-domain:, which can be used directly. If you have an existing domain, you can forward that to this subdomain, avoiding rebranding. Furthermore, we can link it in our directory.

There is more than meets the eye to building a website. It's mostly marketing.

The Collective Marketing Advantage

In addition to saving time and money, associated with digital marketing, members benefit from a collective synergy. Combining multiple designers and goldsmiths on to a single platform generates synergy. It is like having a store in a busy shopping center, capturing the attention of customers who came for something else. The cross traffic and combined content boost SEO and awareness for the overall portal. There should be no concerns, regarding customer loyalty. In today's world, a single customer has many stylistic and fashion needs, based on their setting: working the office, jamming at a concert, relaxing at the beach, making a statement at a gala, playing sports, wearing traditional clothes on special occasions or buying a gift for someone else. No one designer can address all of those requirements. Customers, who like to mix-and-match jewelry and styles, will only have to remember one naturally intuitive name as the place to go for Norwegian jewelry.

Norwegian Jewelry multi-vendor marketplace offers a jewellery district effect, combining marketing efforts under one umbrella

Norwegian.Jewelry Services:  

The concepts described in this article can be applied to most specialty retail and artisan niches.  We not only specialize in WordPress, Shopify, and Social Media solutions but also in overall marketing strategy.  Restack AS in Norway and Cortez Media Solutions LLC in the USA first seeks to understand your business, empathizing with your end-consumer, before recommending a solution and undertaking a project.

If you are a boutique business looking to create a website, online store or a marketplace, please contact us. 

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