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Alexander Grover

Posted on January 15 2019

Norwegian Jewelry photography for jewellery designers and goldsmiths by Christian Sennesvik. Ring by Sophia Rose Jewellery in Oslo, Norway.

In 2013, searching for a unique gold coin, I came across an ad on (Norwegian Craigslist) and called the seller. Two days later I met Christian at Oslo S, buying the coin and finding out that we not only shared an interest in coins but also worked in the IT sector. Over time, I learned about his fascination with photography. Following him on Instagram, I watched him progress from amateur to part-time professional, seeing the quality and expression improve.

Christian Sennesvik is a Norwegian fashion and jewelry photographer working with Norwegian.Jewelry.

After starting Norwegian.Jewelry, I encouraged him to consider jewelry photography. It would challenge him with something new while building on his current skills. Christian accepted the challenge, and we would like to introduce him jewelry designers and goldsmiths at home and abroad.

Born in 1986, Christian grew up in the Western Suburbs of Oslo (Bærum). Although he was a serious student, he developed an interest in photography early on. At age 12, Christian received his first camera: a Nikon like his father’s.  He took pictures of everything, only limited by the price of film, which was very costly in Norway back then. Photography remained the background while he focused on his studies, attending Buskerud University College in Hønefoss (2005-2008).  Graduating with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in law and psychology, he quickly found himself in the IT Sector. After establishing his career at Accenture (a leading global consulting firm) as a software and test engineer, he revisited his childhood passion. 

Investing in equipment, reading books, and getting out there, he managed to build a portfolio, photographing models and landscapes. Eventually, his hobby became a part-time profession, working with agencies in Norway and Spain, i.e. Heartbreak, Team and EB models, and Berta models in Spain. He has also done product photography: kitchen interior.  

Fashion photo by Christian Sennesvik.Black and white fashion photo by Christian Sennesvik.

Over the Christmas holidays (2018), working with Tanya at Sophia Rose Jewellery in Oslo and using state of the art close-up photography Software (Adobe, Capture One and Helicon focus), he created a sample jewelry portfolio:

Purple stone in silver ring by Sophia Rose Jewellery in Oslo, Norway. Photo by Christian Sennesvik. Norwegian jewelry photography by Christian Sennesvik. Jewelry courtesy of Sophia Rose Jewellery in Oslo, Norway.

Christian uses the following equipment:


Fujifilm GFX50s
Canon 6d


2 x Tri8c Aperture LED
3 x Profoto B1 500


Canon TS-E90mm macro
Canon 100mm macro

Christian can also work with models and use various backgrounds and props to get the desired effect.  If you are a jewelry designer or someone in need of close up photography (food, art, sculptures), please contact us: You can see more of his work on Instagram at: 


Jewelry photos by Christian Sennesvik. Jewelry courtesy of Sophia Rose Jewellery in Oslo, NorwaySophia Rose Jewellery photographed by Christian Sennesvik - Norwegian Jewelry photographer.

The jewelry photographed in this article is courtesy of Sophia Rose Jewellery in Oslo, Norway.  

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