Norwegian Metal is in Vogue!

Alexander Grover

Posted on November 14 2018

Vogue Magazine UK Edition December 2018 features Metallstudio. Sjur Hassel is a Norwegian jewelry designer in Troms, Norway.

The Backstory to Metallstudio's Vogue Feature

The Vogue Magazine Party Edit features the Veronica Lake Statement Ring by Sjur Hassel at Metallstudio in Troms, Norway.

Vogue Magazine UK Edition, December 2018 - "Party Edit."

Quietly working in Sømmeroy, an island near Tromsø Norway, Sjur Hassel hammers away, creating his unique brand of slightly deviant and edgy jewelry. Sjur finds inspiration in mechanisms and movement. He believes that people follow trends, either in the conscious or subconscious. His interests are drawn together in a myriad of music, industrial objects, and nature’s mathematical symphony.

Giving little attention to publicity and the spotlight, he devotes his energy and thoughts to each piece and what it will mean to those wearing it. Each one is handmade, expressing individuality for those who cannot or will not comply. Although far away and removed from London's Fashion District, his work did not go unnoticed. Chloe Bargery, Senior Advertising Sales Executive for British  Vogue, first contacted Sjur Hassel late last September. She discovered Metallstudio online. Contacting Sjur, she told him that it would be perfect to feature in an upcoming feature, which she was creating for the magazine. Within that campaign, Vogue aims to showcase a selection of exceptional jewelry designers from around the world, yet to be discovered by their 1.2 million readers.

Chloe selected the Veronica Lake Statement Ring, stating that it would make a unique addition to the page and appeal to Vogue's readership. This substantial and prominent silver ring is for those desiring to be themselves in a society that demands ever-increasing conformity. Note that you can customize this ring, specifying a quote of your own choosing that fits your persona or life situation.

The Veronica Lake Statement Ring by Metallstudio in Troms Norway. Sjur Hassel is a Norwegian jewelry designer and goldsmith specializing in statement and metal jewelry.

 The Veronica Lake Statement Ring made from Sterling silver reads,” I've reached a point in my life where it's the little things that matter... I was always a rebel and probably could have got much farther had I changed my attitude. But when you think about it, I got pretty far without changing attitudes. I'm happier with that.” (Veronica Lake was an American Actress, 1922-1973, known for her role in the 1941 film: Sullivan’s Travels and her iconic peek-a-boo hairstyle)

 The Vogue Magazine December 2018 UK edition, featuring the ring in their "Party Edit," is a four-cover special edition, marking the one-year anniversary of Edward Enninful as editor-in-chief.

The Vogue Magazine December 2018 UK edition, featuring the ring in their "Party Edit," is a four-cover special edition, marking the one-year anniversary of Edward Enninful as editor-in-chief. Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine covering an assortment of topics, including fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway. Vogue began as a weekly newspaper in 1892 in the United States, before becoming a monthly publication several years later.  The British Edition was the first international edition launched in 1916, while the Italian version is considered the leading fashion magazine in the world.

You can learn more about Sjur Hassel and Metallstudio and find the Veronica Lake Statement Ring on Norwegian.Jewelry: a blog and marketplace featuring Norway's leading artisan jewelry designers and goldsmiths.


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