A+G Design

Liliana Guerra

  • Kristiansand, Norway

Liliana Guerra, born in Bogotá Colombia in 1978 and living in Kristiansand Norway since 2007, started A+G Design in 2017. Taking inspiration from nature, she specializes in contemporary jewelry that is not only uplifting but also comfortable to wear. Liliana grew up in a close nit family with her grandmother, parents, and younger sister. Both of her parents are doctors but inclined towards music, playing instruments, and attending concerts. 

Since childhood, she was sociable and easygoing. Her parents sent her to a variety of extracurricular classes covering a variety of topics. Yet, she gravitated towards the ones related to the arts. Later she graduated with a B.Sc. in Industrial Design from Universidad de los Andes (2002) and a Graduate degree in Design Management from Universidad Jorge Tadeo (2004). During her studies, she took woodworking, textile, and jewelry classes. Finding the latter most inspiring, she took jewelry design classes at a studio in Bogotá, focusing on goldsmithing and traditional techniques. Later she worked for a traditional goldsmith, taking on a variety of projects from small repairs to bespoke projects for demanding clients.

After arriving in Norway, Liliana interned at Lise Schønberg’s studio in 2009 where she learned enameling. She cites that experience as the one, inspiring her to set up her own workshop and purse the profession in Norway. Today she is married with two children. The name A+G Design comes from her children's combined surname: Aguilera (husband) and Guerra. 

Today Liliana's style is contemporary, aiming to convey beauty and give joy to the person wearing her work. She takes inspiration from everyday objects, colors and textures. She's curious, researching new techniques and elements that she can incorporate into her work. Yet, her specialty is silversmithing with vitreous enamel applications – yielding striking, joyous and colorful works. Her industrial design background also influences her design, considering ergonomics. Moreover, she enjoys the personal story of her customers.

Therefore, she makes sure that her pieces are comfortable to wear and consider the specifics for a given customer.  It is her goal to create each piece made to order, optimizing the customer experience.

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