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Vera Bublyk

  • Toftes Gate 25B, 0556 Oslo

Born in Poltava, Ukraine in 1989 as the youngest of three siblings, she was surrounded by creative and positive influences from the start. Her parents are geologists and keeping company with the same as well as geophysicists and other academics. Many of them kept gem and mineral collections at home, captivating her since childhood. One of her earliest memories was that of her mother, during a vacation by the sea, leading her and her two older brothers along the coast and up to a cliff. Once they reached the top, they found a formation of natural crystals. Intrigued by the find, the kids started to take an interest and started to search for more on their own.

Growing up far from school, Vera did not have much contact with her friends and therefore focused her energies inward. She spent much of her time drawing and making jewelry from glass beads. She also took up other creative pursuits like dancing, piano, guitar, and even origami. However, none of those pursuits lasted more than a year except for drawing, still taking lessons and online courses to this day.

Hence, her progression into jewelry and the creative trades is almost logical if not predestined. From 2007 to 2011 Vera attended and graduated from the Kiev State Institute of Decorative Applied Arts and Design (Decorative Metal Department). Afterward, in 2012, she accepted a scholarship to Universitetet I Sørøst Norge (Telemark University College) to study for her master's degree (MA) in Traditional Arts (2014). Currently, Vera works at Bugge and Authen as a jewelry designer, an Oslo based jewelry store and workshop, Norway. She also operates her own company as Designer Vera Bublyk, offering her own line of jewelry, providing CAD services and taking on bespoke projects.

Vera quickly developed a reputation as a highly skilled stone setter. Asked about her this talent, Vera commented,

"I am not sure about the talent, but I definitely have the patience for it. I love to see the results. First, everything is rough and covered with polishing paste. Then, after a wash, the piece starts to sparkle. It feels like magic."

In addition to finding inspiration from nature and her surroundings, Vera enjoys the challenge of translating modern forms and themes into metal and gems:

Pysanka Created Easter Egg Rings by Vera Bublyk - Norwegian Jewelry Designer in Oslo, Norway

Pysanka (2011) – For her bachelor's degree project, Vera created the "Ukrainian Easter Egg" Rings. These works articulate her admiration for traditional folk-art form, reminiscent of her native country. There are 5 rings, 4 small and 1 big. The big one symbolizes the Sun. Small ones symbolize 4 elements, water, earth, fire, air. Each ring has its own pattern and color palette. It was Vera's first major project, utilizing tiny gemstones (1.5 mm in diameter), requiring extreme skill and precise attention to detail to set.

QR Code Jewelry by Designer Vera Bublyk in Oslo, Norway

Photo by Igor Zaitcev

QR Jewellery (2014) - Made from tiny gemstones (1 to 1.5 mm in diameter), this necklace was Vera's first ever contemporary statement piece, capturing a modern theme. To her amazement, the QR code in gemstone form actually works!

We are Water earlobe covers by Designer Vera Bublyk featured on Norwegian Jewelry

We Are Made of Water (2018) – Earlobe Covers - One of her latest projects as an independent designer, the Scandinavian design inspired "We Are Made of Water," pieces covers the earlobe. Considered one of Vera's coolest creations so far, it is one of her personal favorites. They will be available for sale in the near future.

 Game of Thrones Ear Armor by Bugge and Authen and designed by Vera Bublyk - a Norwegian Jewelry designer

Photos by Gry Molvaer Hivju (Instagram) and sketches by Vera Bublyk

Game of Thrones Earrings (2019) Bugge and Authen made the Golden Ear-Armor earrings for Gry Molvær Hivju, presented at the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere in New York on April 3, 2019. She is the wife of Kristofer Hivju who plays Tormund Giantsbane on the series. Vera designed the earrings, Goldsmith Ingvild Amlie Authen fabricated them, and Vera set the stones: different diamonds, approximately 1 -2.7 mm in diameter or 14-200 stones per carat. Other Game of Thrones inspired pieces include her Dragon Wing's collection, featured in our marketplace.

Vera Bublyk's awards and recognition include:

  • 2011 – Winner: All Ukrainian Contest for the Best Jewelry Design. (Easter Eggs)
  • 2014 – Winner: All Ukrainian Contest for the Best Jewelry. (QR necklace)
  • 2015 – Third Place place in the NAJD competition. (Det Norske Hav)
  • 2016 – Featured in the book “Innovatit håndverk. Design og produktutvikling for gullsmedfaget” by Øystein Johan Østby.
  • 2017-2019 – Norwegian Association of Jewelry Designers: Board Member.
  • 2017 – Participated in the Contemporary Jewelry Design exhibition at the Norwegian Parliament. (Norwegian Association of Jewelry Designers)
  • 2018 – Participated at “12” exhibition at gallery Format in Oslo. (Norwegian Association of Jewelry Designers)

In addition to being a versatile and creative jewelry designer with youthful energy and enthusiasm, she is also a highly skilled CAD designer, helping you visualize complex design ideas.

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