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Scirius Vulgaris (Squirrel Earrings)

Scirius Vulgaris (Squirrel Earrings) by Kredah Design | Norwegian Jewelry


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This cute little critter is often seen here in Norway.

In Norse Mythology there was a squirrel named Ratatosk. He ran up and down the world tree Yggdrasil, carrying messages between the eagle/rooster/falcon Vidofnir in the top of the tree and the serpent Nidhogg who dwells beneath the tree roots. A poem in Norwegian: 

Ratatoskr heitir ikorni,
er renna skal
at aski Yggdrasils;
arnar orð
hann skal ofan bera
ok segia Niðhöggvi niðr.

Weight 1,43 g (pair)
Dimension 10x9 mm
Material 925 silver (smooth or matte finish) 
The squirrels are all hand-cut
Handmade in Norway

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