Anette Skaugen Guldager

ORBIT Cufflinks

ORBIT Cufflinks by Anette Skaugen Guldager | Norwegian Jewelry


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Defined by a regular and repeating path that one object in space takes around another, a satellite can be natural like the Earth and the moon or manmade like a spaceship. In Anette's jewelry, the mother of pearl from a blue mussel forms the "orbit." 

The Orbit Collection is one of Anette Skaugen Guldager's first designs. In a short time, they became very popular, giving her notoriety as the lady who made jewelry from blue mussels.  

The simple design frames and highlights the beautiful patterns of the mother of pearl.

Sterling silver 
Mother of Pearl
Weight - 4 grams (pair)
Handmade in Norway
Limit 3 pairs per order. 

Note that no two shells are exactly alike. Therefore, the mother of pearl's color and shade in your cufflinks may differ slightly from what is pictured. 


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