André Normann

Under Pressure Pendant

Under Pressure Pendant by André Normann | Norwegian Jewelry


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A statement pendant that will be remembered! This is one of a kind.  The enhydroquartz  is held by two forceps with threads (these are fixed with two-component glue so that they do not loosen but are functioning screws)

Enhydroquartz is quartz with the inclusion of liquid in the form of gas or coal. Often the liquid in the stone is very old.  The bubbles are formed millions of years ago when quartz was formed, and this type of quartz is rarely found.

Enhydro quartz is a great tool for working with relationships. It reinforces empathy for each other. It makes you see the wisdom of the other party's perception of the situation. It helps with positive development in your common relationship.

Since water is the element of emotion, this stone will help you with significant development in healing and in containing your emotions completely. When working with emotions, it is important to know that emotions help you in a specific direction in your life in order to achieve full understanding and redemption. When feelings are especially unpleasant, you should see it as a sign that you are on the wrong path. That you have to look at your direction again.

Quartz is a very protective spiritual stone. It creates a protective energy field around the user that prevents negative energy from entering your energy field.

Length - 7cm/ gemstone dimensions - 45x15x10mm 
Weight 21g 
Materials - Sterling Silver and quartz 

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