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Alexander Grover

Posted on May 30 2018

The Gaupe Inspired cufflinks concept was created by Alexander Grover and made by Torill Isachsen in Oslo. The photo was taken by Aliona Pazdniakova. Bespoke Jewellery is that made to customer specifications.

Bespoke Jewelry Project

Every year, I commission a pair of cufflinks with a bespoke jewelry designer, which are both distinctive and exclusive — one of a kind. Since 2013, the theme has been uncommon Norwegian wildlife. Fast forwarding to 2016, we chose the Gaupe, symbolizing vision, insight, forward thinking. Furthermore, this silent but sturdy creature, stalking the Norwegian wilderness at night, is seen as the guardian of secrets and mystery in mythology.

Every jewelry commission starts with a drawing. However, that is the most difficult aspect of the project: capturing and freezing thoughts, perception, and perspective into a single coherent expression. As it turned out, finding the artist was not as difficult as first thought. Adrienne Seet, filmmaker, writer, and my friend turned out to be a talented sketch artist. Even better, she possesses an innate talent for drawing animals. On the first go, she drew, by hand, the image below:

Gaupe Drawing by Adrienne Seet for Norwegian Jewellery

Sketch by Adrienne Seet 

That was converted to a wax mold, using 3D printing:

Gaupe Norway Jewellery green wax mold for making 18K White Gold Cufflinks

Wax form by 

The finished product turned out to be nothing short of remarkable, further inspiring our choice for brand identity. 

Gaupe Cufflinks from Norway - Norwegian Jewellery 18K White Gold

If you are interested in custom cufflinks, expressing your interests, character, and personality, please contact us and we will get you in touch with a bespoke jewelry designer in Norway.

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