Jewelry vs. Jewellery

Alexander Grover

Posted on May 30 2018

British vs. American spelling: we discuss jewellery vs. jewelry.

There Are Two Ways to Spell It!

The American way is shorter and to the point, while the English way is longer and more decorative in appearance. There is something about the double “L” at the end that makes it look so dapper – oh dear! Not only the British but also many European prefer the longer version. The American spelling occurs twice as often. Nevertheless, language specialists state that both forms are acceptable. However, concerning social marketing, it’s a different story.

Jewellery vs. Jewelry, the USA vs UK spelling comparison.

Top 10 Instagram Hashtags

Jewelry terms get more than 3x the attention of Jewellery regarding posts.

spelling of jewelry hashtags - Norwegian Jewelry

Jewellery spelling UK hashtags for Norwegian Jewellery

Google Search: Interest by Region

From first glances, we can see that online interest, regardless of spelling, occurs mostly in the same places with strong overlaps. Norway, the UK, India, and Australia strongly prefer the English spelling while the USA, Japan and Korea prefer the American one. Overall, it appears that people are searching on both terms in the same country.


USA Spelling Jewelry - Google Search Comparison


UK Jewellery spelling - Google Search Comparison - Norway Jewelers

 What’s better? It Depends!

How you name your business is a matter of personal preference. However, it is important to consider both options when it comes to social media marketing and SEO. Research your target market in detail, creating your sentences and hashtags accordingly.

NorwegianJewelry.Shop, although based in Norway where the long spelling is preferred, specifically targets the American, Canadian, British, European, Japanese, Korean, and Singaporean markets. We chose the American spelling but use hashtags from both variants, making sure we reach all those interested in one of Norway’s oldest, but understated, traditions.

If you would like more information on how you can optimize your hashtags and SEO, please contact us!

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