Studio TT: Realizing the Design Concept

Alexander Grover

Posted on September 07 2018 in Poland offers specialized industrial services to jewelry designers and goldsmiths.

Imagination to Realization

Over the summer, I met Tomasz Kargul from, located near Gdansk, Poland. Contacting me via Instagram, he was on vacation in Norway and happened to be nearby. We agreed to meet for dinner at the Homla Restaurant in Hommelvik, located halfway between Trondheim and Værnes Airport). Tomasz is not only a goldsmith but also an expert in jewelry fabrication technology. Through his company,, which employs six people including himself, they offer a variety of services to jewelry designers worldwide, helping them achieve their design goals.


Jewelry, like many other art forms, combines many trades and sub-specialties into one: gem cutting, metallurgy, mold making, finishing, and polishing etc.  As design demands become more complex, jewelry designers may face challenges, attempting to realize the finished product.  The specialized tools and machines required to cut or render specific shapes and structures may either be difficult to operate or too expensive.

Tomasz Kargul - a goldsmith and jewelry designer - works with precision tools at his workshop.

Tomasz Kargul, educated as a goldsmith and with 15 years' experience, founded ten years ago. offers general and specialized services to both jewelers and individuals: 

  • Technological consulting,
  • Putting patterns to production,
  • Wax models,
  • Stone setting,
  • Machining of castings,
  • Laser cutting. in Poland offers fabrication services to Norwegian jewelry designers and goldsmiths. works with brass, copper, silver, and gold. Examples of finished works include mechanisms, enclosures, and precise edges.  Tomasz told me that they are only limited by the jewelry designer's imagination. Noteworthy clients include General Electric (USA), Amberman (USA), KOPI (Poland) and many others worldwide. The variety of designs and possibilities that they can make are only limited by the designer's imagination. They can do mechanisms, enclosures, precise edges, and much more. They can work with silver, gold, copper and many other metals.

The Museum of Archaeology and History in Elblag, Poland commissioned Studio TT to replicate the jewelry related artifacts (Origo collection) found during excavation in the Truso settlement (Janów): a trade settlement and Viking harbor which existed from the 8th to the 11th century. (The original artifacts are on exhibit in the Museum.) 

Truso settlement (Janów at Drużno Lake) became an inspiration for Origo Collection by Studio TT in Poland - Norwegian jewelry blog

The Origo collection is a replica of artifacts found in the Viking ageTruso settlement in Poland. 

If you are an individual, artisan jewelry designer or even a large-scale operation, interested in their services, please contact Tomasz Kargul at


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