Simone Vera Bath: The Journey to Imperfection

Alexander Grover

Posted on October 29 2018

Simone Vera Bath Interview by Norwegian Jewelry. SVB Jewelry is handmade in Italy.

An Interview with "The Lady of the Rings" 

Simone Vera Bath is a German jewelry designer based in Rome Italy. We interviewed her in August 2018.

Since we started our Instagram feed, just over a year ago, we made some friends both in Norway and abroad. Early on, we befriended Simone Vera Bath (SVB). Originally from Berlin Germany, she produces jewelry in and runs her business from Rome.  Simone asked us if she could join Norwegian jewelry. Although we found her jewelry and personal story extremely interesting, our scope is to focus on artisan Norwegian jewelry designers and goldsmiths. Nevertheless, we kept in touch and after some time, came up with the idea to do an interview for our blog. She inspired us to look beyond our horizons. Although focused on Norway, we find stories about creativity, uniqueness, and character to be something that cannot be bounded or limited. Like us, she also believes that customers not only purchase the jewelry but also the personal story behind the pieces, offering a connection to the designer. 

In the age of mass production, it is more important than ever that the designer's story comes out through in their works. Hence, starting with Simone, we will start to feature interesting designers from around the world, befriended on Instagram.


"Determination" is the one word that describes Simone Vera Bath. It is the most admirable of personal qualities and the one that makes anything possible. Like many artisans, she makes handmade pieces in limited quantities.  There is no mass production, and the average piece takes 12-14 days to produce.  (She doesn’t stock items. Therefore, SVB jewelry is not available on Amazon or other wide-reaching marketplaces.).  Believing in what's old and historic, she transmits her values, energy, and beliefs through her hands and into her jewelry, achieving a worn and inexact look. Simone Vera Bath finds inspiration in signs and symbols, derived from a personal iconography. Moreover, mythology is ever-present in her work, relating to the topos of the Amazon woman: strong, independent and in a free relationship with nature. Her iconic creation is undoubtedly the ``Fedone`` ring, (pictured below), which can be a gift either to oneself or to others. The ‘Fedone’ represents a way of being: it embodies a soul that changes through time, an eternal and faithful soul that binds us to something deep and permanent.

Simone Vera Bath Fedone Rings, featured in the Norwegian Jewelry Interview


SVB's iconic Fedone ring. 

Known as the "Lady of the Rings," she strives to achieve an archaic appearance, working with a mix of materials: gold, silver, bronze, and diamonds.  Most of her work mixes silver and bronze, which she often matches with leather, wood, and semi-precious stones.  However, unlike most jewelers, Simone strives for imperfection, "The world is full of symmetrical and perfect jewelry." Utilizing special smearing techniques, which intentionally leaves the work unfinished, she accomplishes her design motif. The imperfections make the object unique, never exactly replicable. SVB also crafts metal with lost wax castings, making it look scarred.  The marks unevenly reflect light and feel conspicuous to the touch. The result is an object that has a lived-in appearance but also a contemporary, edgy design.

Simone Vera Bath Big Square Ring - featured in Norwegian Jewelry Interview

The Big Ring: Perfecting Imperfection. 

You can wear her jewelry every day, complimenting a wide range of fashions, or on special occasions to invigorate conversation. With so many variants and options, she finds it challenging to present all the possibilities in a practical way. Her new website allows customers to personalize rings on multiple dimensions: stones, colors, techniques, etc. When you learn about Simone Vera Bath, it becomes quite evident that her current work reflects a wide variety of education, interests, and life experience, going back to her early years.

The environment, in which she was raised, together with her strong and determined spirit has a profound impact on all of her creations. Born in Cold War Berlin, her father was a pharmacist and her mother a housewife. They were strict, emphasizing academics and encouraged her to pursue a traditional career path, leading to a stable profession. Nevertheless, she defied them by first studying art and sculpture in Berlin and then moving to Florence (Italy), completing her studies in goldsmithing, art history, and interior design.

Simone Vera Bath does all of her own production, making jewelry pieces in limited quantities. Interviewed by Norwegian Jewelry.

It was a natural decision. Since age four, she had a strong creative inclination, taking apart the family electronics and reassembling them into art forms. Starting with sculpture, she quickly moved into jewelry. It not only offered a greater means of expression but also a wider variety of materials to work with. Learning from her mistakes, she quickly realized that you have to make what people are willing to buy.  With a lot of determination, drive, and hard work, she built her business and brand from scratch, achieving global recognition:

  • 2018: Invitation to Tranoi - Sustainable Fashion Show.
  • 2016: Wins the TIME AWARD (second edition) at the White Show Milan (June/Summer) for best accessories designer,
  • 2016: Participates in White Show Milan, January Edition,
  • 2015: Launched her own brand: SVB Jewelry – Simone Vera Bath,
  • 1998: Solo shows at Cap d'antibes in New York, Berlin, and Italy,
  • 1995: Solo show in the "Because I Love Art Gallery" b Guido Novi (her mentor until his death in 1997).

During the course of our discussion, I sensed her high-energy, positivity and enthusiasm. Figuring her as a 24/7 person who never takes a day off, I asked her if she ever took time off to rest. She answered that she is highly spiritual, linking herself to the positive forces that rule over the universe. Believing in balance, she gets away regularly to relax, reflect and recharge.  As a practicing Buddhist, she strives to complement rather than compete: thus, maintaining a sustainable and bright future as a true artisan jewelry designer. 

Her clientele include Valentina Cervi and Gwen Stefani, among many others. You can find her jewelry in select boutiques and concept stores in Berlin, Rome, Milan, Turn, Trieste, and Tokyo or online at If you would like more information, please contact her via her website.


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