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Alexander Grover

Posted on May 30 2018

Aliona Pazdniakova is the Norwegian Jewelry photographer. She has also done features for Vogue Magazine.

Capturing Elegance 

Aliona Pazdniakova is an Oslo based photographer specializing in jewelry.

Mainly focused on the interplay between art and fashion, she manages a broad range of photo shoots for designers: from product images, lookbooks, and process pictures to mood stories, editorials, and short video clips.

Aliona has been working with photography since 2007. Originally from Belarus, she has lived and worked in Norway since 2010. She received a BA in Philosophy, MA in Photography and MA in Traditional Arts.

Aliona Pazdniakova Norwegian jewelry photographer takes pictures of Ina Gravem Johansen and Linn Sigrid Bratland jewelry.

 Photography for Ina Gravem Johansen (L) and Linn Sigrid Bratland (R)

Perhaps it is the variety in her education and change of cultural contexts that influenced her photographic style. Personal, reflective and playful, it has a strong focus on the priority of the idea. Even though work on the macro scale is technically challenging with creative limitations, Aliona attempts to offer an interpretation and individual approach to every object and collection she encounters.

One of the major tasks for Aliona is to create a space where the designer´s and photographer´s views can meet, enriching each other. Hence, that is why the contextual element and storytelling play an important role in her photographic process. The result is an always different photo series, where, in addition to a highlighted jewelry, a reflected view appears for the given motif. That provides designers an advantage, presenting their objects subtly and creating a space art and commerce to intersect.


Contact: or +47 978 48 210

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